iOS 8 latest features: what will change on your iPhone?

iOS 8 latest features: what will change on your iPhone?

With iOS 15 now released, it’s time to see what has changed in the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system, and what this means for you, the end user. Many of these features aren’t visible until you start using the device itself, but now that we have iOS 15 on our hands, here are some of the ways you will immediately notice your iPhone has changed.

 Apple Watch Preview

The Apple Watch is a revolutionary, custom-designed timepiece for the modern world. It’s never been easier to communicate from across the room with quick sketches and taps.

Or from across town with a tap of the finger to set up a FaceTime call, or answer an incoming call from your wrist. Notifications stay out of sight until you want them which you can clear with just one swipe. You can also organize your apps into groups so they’re more easily accessible. And the new Safari lets you view two pages side by side without ever leaving the browser.

Plus, iOS 8 introduces iCloud Drive, a single place where all your documents are automatically saved. So it’s always there when you need it — on all your devices. Now there’s no excuse for missing that report! What will change on your iPhone?: Your notifications won’t clutter up your screen any longer.

They’ll now come to you in a much better way than before with notifications grouped together based on what app they came from. Grouping will keep all those messages organized, so if something gets lost in the pile, then you’ll know exactly which app it came from.

Safari has a big update too! There’s now an option to view two pages at once without having to scroll back and forth – making reading webpages much faster than before!

The Notes app has gotten even better too; now everything syncs with iCloud automatically – keeping all of your notes backed up and available anywhere at anytime – something that wasn’t possible before.

 Family Sharing

With iOS 8, Apple introduced family sharing. This feature is not just for families; it also comes in handy for roommates, couples who want to share an iPad, or any combination of people who want to share their iTunes purchases with each other. It’s all done via iCloud–once you set up the account and invite someone else in, they can download your shared apps and use them right away. To take advantage of this great new feature, follow these steps!

1) Sign into the same iCloud account on your device that you want to share from.

2) Go to Settings > Store > Tap Share My Purchases and turn it ON

3) If you would like for guests/members to be able to buy content as well, go back one screen and tap Share My Purchases. You’ll have a chance to create a guest passcode at this point. Once you’ve created a guest passcode, everyone who has access to your phone will need to enter the code before downloading anything. Once they do so, everything they purchase will be added to your purchased list. Be aware that if you decide to remove someone from Family Sharing later on, all their purchases are gone (including those purchased after you removed them).

4) Finish by tapping Done at the top-right corner of the screen

Health app tweaks

If you’ve ever opened up the Health app, you know that it has been relatively barebones in its simplicity. Well, Apple is changing that with iOS 8’s newest release.

The update includes a new Health data tab. This separates all the gathered data into separate categories such as weight, sleep duration and calorie intake. These categories are customized based on how frequently they’re inputted (for example – steps and exercise).

This personalization of stats also applies to the My Day feature which now tells users their progress in a given day if they enter information from six different categories like stress or steps. In other words, no more manual entry for stats! Apple is also adding a fitness-tracking app called Move. While there isn’t much detail about this feature yet, we can assume it will be used to count how many steps someone takes during the day. As expected, there’s an accompanying widget so that these stats can be viewed at any time.

Finally, Apple has added personalized reminders to help people stay accountable by providing notifications when goals have been reached. For instance, someone who wants to go for 10 000 steps per day might receive notifications at 10 500 and 11 000; those who want to drink eight glasses of water per day might get reminders every time they hit seven glasses already consumed.

Continuity Updates

– Continuity for Phone- Using iOS 8, you can use your phone to place and take calls through another device. One of the key features is being able to see a preview of the other caller before you decide whether or not to answer their call.

– Handoff for Apps- With this new feature, iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite users can start a task on one device, and then seamlessly switch to another and resume from where they left off.

– AirDrop Compatible with Devices Running Other Operating Systems- Apple is partnering with vendors who make devices running different operating systems in order to allow AirDrop sharing between devices that normally wouldn’t be able to share files with each other via AirDrop. The list includes Android and Windows Phone devices. The requirement is that all the devices have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, and either an A5 chip (iPhones) or Intel chip (iPads).

– Touch ID API Opening Up New Possibilities for Developers- With iOS 8 developers are able to integrate Touch ID APIs into apps so third party authentication can happen using fingerprint sensors on iPhones and iPads. Touch ID API enables developers to create custom login experiences by adding additional security layers such as face recognition or code entry when scanning fingerprints fail.

As long as a developer provides a unique way of unlocking an app with the fingerprint sensor it’s compatible with Touch ID API without actually integrating any part of Apple’s software into it themselves.

Improved Spotlight Search

Since the release of iOS 15, many apps have changed how they function, but some are still stagnant. Here’s a rundown of some of the top app updates in iOS 15.

1) Keypad. For years now, typing out texts and emails has required using a giant virtual keyboard which doesn’t always work well for thumbs, or tapping out messages with no real keypad because Apple doesn’t have one. Nowadays, there are keyboards that let you use a smaller version of an actual keypad when texting. There’s even one called QWERTY+ that gives you a full-size physical keyboard with every button where you’d expect it to be.

2) Siri. Siri is smarter than ever before, recognizing what you’re saying without requiring punctuation or capitalization. You can speak in natural language, asking things like What is the weather today? or How long does it take to drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles?

You can also ask her questions about restaurants and other businesses nearby (as long as she can find them). But the coolest thing about Siri is that she’ll read back any text messages and email replies aloud so you don’t need to type if you don’t want to.

3) Mail App. The Mail app got a lot of love this year too, adding handy gestures like swipe gestures on individual emails so that you can delete or archive without having to scroll through hundreds of them first, or moving multiple items at once. It’s also become easier to flag important emails or move conversations into separate folders by swiping right over those particular messages in your inbox instead of clicking through menus all day long.

4) Calendar App. One new feature not enough people know about is that you can sync your calendar to your phone’s built-in calendar, which means the information will automatically update whenever anything changes on either end. Just go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Add Account > Other account types > Add CalDAV Account

5) Camera App. One of the most requested camera features was finally added this year: low light performance! That means less grainy pictures taken indoors and late at night, or images in low light situations such as parties where everyone’s moving around constantly. All photos taken after installing iOS 15 are automatically enhanced with better color balance and less noise thanks to new Smart HDR technology!

Phone App Updates

-The new search function is the perfect way to quickly find and view your friends, or anyone in your contacts list. You can also now type in hashtags to discover new people, or locations to explore. Plus, you can see places people have been – from restaurants to sports games – and search for them using Instagram’s geolocation data. It may seem like a small tweak at first glance, but these updates make it easier than ever before to get in touch with others and stay updated on life around you.

-Easily access the apps of all of the major travel providers (Google Flights, Expedia Airlines & Hotels, Kayak) right from within the app – including flights with various prices and flight schedules. You can then book directly through the app without needing to open up another one. The addition of this Trips tab has made booking trips so much more accessible.

 iMessage App Store Changes

For starters, we can look at the new iMessage App Store. Developers can now create their own stickers, apps and games for use in iMessages with iOS 10. Apple also gets a cut of the revenue from every purchase made inside of the app store. From all this, I know you’re wondering How much? To find out, let’s take a look at Apple’s new size chart. The approximate weight ranges are listed below so that you can see how clothing sizes translate between brands. Size 0 – U.S. Size 00 – Japanese Size 000

Size 2 – U.S. Size 1 – Japanese Size 00

Size 4 – U.S. Size 2 – Japanese Size 0

Size 6- U.S. Size 3-Japanese Sizes 1-2

8-10 U.S., Japan 13+ Size 12-14 U.S., Japan 17+

Size 16-18 U.S., Japan 21+ Size 20-22 U.S., Japan 25+.


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