The Different Kinds of Treatment for Breast Cancer

The Different Kinds of Treatment for Breast Cancer

Cancer is a terrible disease that can affect any part of the body. And when cancer attacks the breast area, you might be wondering how it is treated. And the treatment method highly depends on the type of cancer it is and where it has spread. Breast cancer Orange County-based is treated in several different ways.

The Various Treatment Methods for Breast Cancer

The treatment of breast cancer depends on several factors. But here are the various treatments your doctor may use.

  • Your doctor may perform surgery to remove cancer.
  • Chemotherapy is a medication used to help kill or shrink cancer
  • Hormonal Therapy is the process where the cancer is blocked from getting the hormones they need to grow and spread.
  • Biological therapy is the process of jumpstarting your immune system to fight cancer.
  • Radiation is used to kill off cancer cells.

Breast cancer is a severe disease that needs to be treated by your cancer doctor. Each one of these treatment options can help you get better. Your doctor will work with other specialists to design a plan of attack to help rid your body of the cancer cells. You will have the best team working to help you get better during the process.



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