Homesick x Dunkin’ is back to make your home smell like coffee and doughnuts!

Homesick x Dunkin’ is back to make your home smell like coffee and doughnuts!

What do you get when you mix coffee and doughnuts? Dunkin’ and Doughnuts! Just in time for fall, Homesick Candles has come out with an incredible limited edition candle that smells like the delicious scent of their coffee and doughnuts combination. If your home could use some more warmth and sweetness, this is the perfect product to add to your home collection! Here are some more facts about Homesick x Dunkin’ candles!


Homesick Candles

If you love the smell of fresh coffee and baked goods, you’re in luck. Homesick Candles has teamed up with Dunkin’ to create two new candles that will make your home smell like a coffee shop. The best part? These candles are made with natural ingredients and are eco-friendly. One candle smells like freshly brewed coffee and the other smells like warm cinnamon buns – they’ll be available for purchase on November 1st so mark your calendars now! This isn’t the first time we’ve seen delicious scents for your home, either.


There’s also Hershey’s Chocolate Bar and Girl Scout Cookie scents! So which one are you excited about the most? Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on the coffee scent because it reminds me of what my mornings used to be like before I moved out west.

What do you think? Will these make your house smell like home too? Share your thoughts below! We know how hard it can be to live away from home and experience culture shock. Homesick Candles provides comfort through aromatherapy with nostalgic scents for the homesick soul; reminding us of our favorite places in America: New York City, Cape Cod, Chicago.


Whether you miss your hometown or want a reminder of memories past, our candles make homes feel just a little bit closer. To celebrate their launch this week, we’re giving away three items from Homesick! Enter below for your chance to win…

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Aroma Sprays, Canisters & Scented Wicks

It’s official, Homesick and Dunkin’ have teamed up again to bring the best of both worlds to your home. Now you can enjoy the delicious smell of fresh coffee and doughnuts without leaving the comfort of your own home. No more cold feet or shivering on a winter morning – just open a jar of Aroma Spray or light a scented wick for that comforting feeling all day long. The scents are available in three different variations: Doughnut, Coffee and Hot Cocoa.


Pick one (or two) up today from Homesick’s online store!

Last year, Homesick & Dunkin’ collaborated on bringing these amazing scents to homes around the world – and now they’re back at it again! With classic fresh-brewed coffee paired with freshly baked doughnuts or a hot cup of cocoa drizzled with caramel syrup, there’s no way these fragrances could miss. Treat yourself to something special every day – we promise you won’t regret it.


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Home Fragrance Oils, Candle Décor, Diffusers & Kits

It’s official: Homesick x Dunkin’ is back to make your home smell like coffee and doughnuts! We’ve teamed up with the iconic brand to bring you a line of candles, diffusers, and more that smells just like your favorite morning treat. Take your pick from delectable scents such as Butter Pecan Cake, Coconut Custard Pie, or Morning Glory muffins.


Grab one for yourself or gift it to someone who’s feeling homesick this holiday season—or any time of year. Our scents are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 3-oz wax cubes (perfect for gifting) to 1-lb jar candles perfect for larger spaces—so we’ve got something for everyone on your list this year! Also new this month, our popular fragrance oil collection now includes six new fall fragrances: Cider & Apple; Harvest Spice; Pear & Ginger; Gingerbread House; Candied Applesauce and Christmas Eve.


Cleaning Supplies & Air Fresheners

We all know the feeling of homesickness. That longing for the comforts of home when we’re away. And while Dunkin’ can’t transport you back home, they can help make your space feel a little more like home with their new line of Homesick x Dunkin’ cleaning supplies and air fresheners.

The line includes an all-purpose cleaner, dish soap, hand soap, and air fresheners in the scents of Original Blend Coffee and Blueberry Doughnut. So now, whether you’re at home or away, you can enjoy the smells of your favorite Dunkin’ treats.


Room & Linen Sprays

Do you love the smell of fresh coffee and doughnuts in the morning? Well, now you can have that amazing scent in your home all day long with Homesick x Dunkin’s new line of room and linen sprays. Just a few spritzes will fill any space with the warm, comforting aroma of freshly brewed coffee and delicious baked goods.

Whether you want to bring a little bit of Boston back into your life or just feel closer to those who live there, Homesick x Dunkin’s new range will do the trick. With three different sizes available (4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz.), these fragrances are perfect for every occasion.

With scents like Nantucket Sleigh Ride (coffee, clove, white sand), New England Summer (blueberry muffins), and Laughing Orchards (fresh cut apples, cider), these air fresheners will be sure to give you a piece of home no matter where you are.


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