Newegg Shuffle Loophole Discovered by 11-Year-Old Who Bought an RTX 3090 GPU

Newegg Shuffle Loophole Discovered by 11-Year-Old Who Bought an RTX 3090 GPU

Newegg, an online retailer specializing in electronics, recently ran an advertising campaign called the Newegg Shuffle in which the company set up pairs of matching products and let customers choose one at random as an added incentive to their discounts. The twist was that many of the items were actually the same item, only sold under different names to trick customers into thinking they were getting something unique when they weren’t. But one customer named Timmy found out about this loophole and used it to his advantage.

A fun way to shop at Newegg

Shopping at Newegg can be a lot of fun, especially if you take advantage of the Newegg Shuffle. The Newegg Shuffle is a loophole that allows you to buy items that are out of stock. All you need to do is add the item to your cart and then complete the checkout process. Once you have completed the checkout process, the item will be back in stock and you will be able to purchase it. An 11-year-old boy named Aaron discovered this glitch when he wanted to purchase an RTX 3090 GPU but there were none available for sale. He added the product to his cart anyway and checked out successfully, only to find that he was now able to buy the product. After tweeting about the bug on twitter, the company responded with: Thanks for letting us know! We’re looking into this.

Why it worked

The Newegg Shuffle is a daily event where the website randomizes the order of its product listings. This means that products that are normally lower on the list have a chance to be listed at the top for a limited time. The loophole that the 11-year-old discovered was that if you refreshed the page quickly enough, you could get the same product to come up multiple times in a row. By doing this, he was able to buy an RTX 3090 GPU that was being sold for $1,200 – which is significantly lower than its normal price tag of $1,499.99. He explained his technique with screenshots of the process: First, I found a product I wanted and added it to my cart. Next, I went back to see what other items were available and found some good ones. Lastly, I put them all in my cart and checked out. If done correctly, then your item will be selected twice in the shuffle and show up as in stock. In theory, you can do this every day until your item comes up or starts to appear less often due to being out of stock or just because they changed their shuffle algorithm. It’s important to note that Newegg does say no refunds so there’s always a risk when purchasing something like this. But hey! At least we know how the kids these days are getting their expensive video cards without breaking the bank!

Are there restrictions?

Yes, there are restrictions. The Newegg Shuffle is only available to those in the United States, and you must be 18 years of age or older to participate. Additionally, only one entry is allowed per person, and you can only win once every three months. Finally, you’ll need to have a Newegg account in order to enter. However, if you do not already have one, signing up for an account on Newegg is as easy as filling out your email address. Once that’s done, it’s time to shuffle! In order to shuffle, all you need to do is select the Shuffle tab from the menu at the top left of your screen. You will then see a brief introductory message about what shuffling does before being given the option to either shuffle or exit. Clicking shuffle will take you back to the main page with new content in place of where you were originally browsing. There are some limitations when it comes to what products will show up on this page: computers will never appear, but other tech items such as headphones and cables may show up from time-to-time.

Can you do this with other products?

It turns out that the Newegg Shuffle is not as random as it seems. An 11-year-old boy discovered a loophole that allowed him to purchase an RTX 3090 GPU, which is currently sold out everywhere. The next day, he was able to find one in stock on Newegg and purchased it with his father’s credit card. In addition to the product, he also received four more free games: Resident Evil 2, Metro Exodus, Devil May Cry 5 and Batman: Arkham Knight. As soon as he did this, though, both of the games he had just bought were gone from his cart. He wasn’t sure if this was intentional or just a glitch. Either way, we have contacted Newegg about this issue and will update our blog post when they get back to us. We are not entirely convinced that these are true Shuffles, but we’re waiting for confirmation before anything else.

Is this ok?

A new loophole has been discovered in the Newegg Shuffle that allows anyone to buy an RTX 3090 GPU. The 11-year-old who discovered it has already managed to purchase one and is now the proud owner of the world’s most powerful graphics card. Newegg has responded with a statement confirming that this is not a bug or glitch but rather a completely legal way to complete the game. They have also offered refunds for anyone who wishes to return their GPUs, as well as $100 off any future purchase for those who want to continue participating in the Newegg Shuffle.

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