YouTube to MP3 Converters for PC and Mac in 2022

YouTube to MP3 Converters for PC and Mac in 2022

Converting YouTube videos to MP3 files has always been popular, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find the best YouTube to MP3 converter. There are many different options out there and many different features you should look for in your converter of choice. From compatibility to price, each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. You might be surprised by what you find! Here are the top five YouTube to MP3 converters out there, whether you’re using a PC or Mac!

Convert Music from a Video on a Desktop Computer

In order to convert a video from YouTube into an MP3 file, you’ll need to use a desktop computer. The process is actually pretty simple just find a YouTube to MP3 converter, paste in the URL of the video you want to convert, choose your desired output format and quality, and hit Convert. Within minutes, you’ll have an MP3 file of the audio from the YouTube video. If you’re looking for a free YouTube to MP3 converter, we recommend YouTuze. It’s easy to use and has many other features like automatic encoding (choose between 320kbps, 256kbps or 192kbps), ID tagging (artist name, album name) and more. If you want to do this on your phone instead of your computer, try YouPlayer Lite – it also converts videos from YouTube as well as SoundCloud.

Convert Music from a Video on a Laptop

If you have a video that you want to convert to an MP3, there are a few different ways that you can do it. One way is to use a free online converter, like Another way is to use a paid converter, like Any Video Converter. And finally, you can use a program like iTunes to convert the video into an MP3 file. All of these methods work great, so just pick the one that works best for your needs!
Free YouTube to MP3 converters – To convert music from a video on a laptop, try using a free YouTube to MP3 converter such as Just copy and paste in your link, choose MP3 as your format (or whatever format you prefer), click start conversion and then download your new song! This service is completely free to use with no catches or strings attached, making it an easy option if you’re strapped for cash but still need music fast. Paid YouTube to mp3 converters – If you’d rather pay for services than use totally free ones, there are many reputable paid YouTube converters available online too.

Convert Music from a Video on a Smartphone

To extract music from a video on your smartphone, you’ll need to download a converter app. Once you have the app installed, open the video you want to convert and select the audio output format. Next, choose the quality of the audio file and tap Convert. The app will begin extracting the audio from the video and you can save it to your device or cloud storage. Some converters are not free and offer advanced features like being able to convert videos shot with a phone camera directly into an mp3 format. If this is something you want, make sure to find out what services are included before downloading the app. Another option is using YouTube’s own Music Conversion tool that has been available since 2017. Simply copy the URL of any video containing music (or just type youtube without quotation marks), paste it into the field below, click Start Uploading Videos and then enter your email address when prompted. You’ll receive an email within minutes with all of the converted files attached as well as instructions on how to get them onto iTunes or Spotify.

Additional information about the software

When it comes to downloading audio from YouTube, there are a few different ways to go about it. You could use a dedicated YouTube to MP3 converter, or you could use a more general-purpose audio downloader. There are also a few browser extensions that can be used to download YouTube audio. In this post, we’ll take a look at the best free YouTube to MP3 converters for PC and Mac in 2022. If you’re on Windows, then the program I recommend is called Super mp3 Downloader (download link). The app is easy to install and use. Simply click on the URL field and paste in your desired YouTube video URL, then press enter. After hitting enter, Super mp3 Downloader will automatically convert your video into an MP3 file that’s available for instant download. It also extracts only the audio track so you don’t have to worry about converting yourself if all you want is music without any voice overs. Another excellent choice for Windows users is YouTube2MP3 (download link). As its name suggests, this utility was designed specifically with YouTube videos in mind. It provides many of the same features as Super mp3 Downloader but with a slightly different user interface. And if you’re using macOS, then my recommended option is 3KPlayer Audio Extractor which allows users to select where they want their converted files saved before conversion even begins!

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