Pro Tips on Designing the Best Outdoor Fabric Flag for Your Business

Pro Tips on Designing the Best Outdoor Fabric Flag for Your Business

Regardless of the industry, all businesses need to advertise to build their brands and drive sales. When you are participating in an outdoor event like a trade show, an exhibition, or a sports event to promote your business, advertising flags may well represent the most visible and cost-effective method of promotion. However, you need to design the flag right to derive the maximum benefit. Some pro tips for advertising flag design:

Focus on Promoting the Brand

Since outdoor advertising flags are relatively far from the target audience, offer a smaller area, and keep fluttering in the wind, the best use is for promoting the brand, not sales. You should, therefore, keep the focus on displaying your brand name and logo in the design rather than including sales promotion messages, phone numbers, and website addresses that would be more difficult to read. Work the business logo into the flag design so that the flag is instantly recognizable as belonging to your business. It is better to avoid a complex color palette and instead keep it simple, using two or three striking colors for a proper balance and enhanced visibility. Choose colors that go well with your brand colors and serve to highlight the brand.

Select the Shape of the Flag

Though a rectangular flag is still the most common shape, you have the freedom to choose just about any shape you like for advertising your business. If you desire, you can also have custom shapes that stand out better in the clutter of any outdoor environment. For example, a triangle flag catches the audience’s attention more than a regular rectangular flag. If you are stuck for ideas, you can consult with any leading advertising flag manufacturer for shapes and designs.

Keep the Design Simple

Because of the limited surface area of a flag, you need to ensure that you maintain a proper balance between images and text to keep the design simple for easy assimilation by the target audience. You need to think hard about the intent of your communication and include what is essential. Good flag design principles dictate you use the bare minimum number of words and impress the audience with visuals. According to research by MIT, the human brain processes images in 13 milliseconds.

Do Not Include Multiple Messages

You mustn’t try to communicate messages on a single flag, keeping in mind the limited area of flags, the environmental clutter, and the short attention span of the audience. The audience will invariably get confused or will simply ignore the messages. Focusing on getting across a single message with your advertising flag invariably works better.


Advertising flags are affordable and offer great value for money. Because of their versatility, businesses can use them for a variety of outdoor business promotion events. When designed right, advertising flags have a high impact and deliver a high return on investment. Even though the maximum use of advertising flags is outdoors, you can also use them strategically inside your retail store to highlight certain areas and products.



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