Changes to the renewal of Scrum Alliance Certifications

Changes to the renewal of Scrum Alliance Certifications

Scrum Alliance certifications are a category of certifications that certify a candidate as capable of handling tasks based on principles of Agile. These include a range of certificates that include foundation levels, advanced levels, and professional level certificates like – CSM, A – CSM, CSP – SM, CSPO, CSD, etc.

These certificates have been divided into 3 different categories:-

Scrum master track: – it consists of certificates like CSM Certification, A-CSM, etc.

Product owner track: – It includes CSPO, A – CSPO, etc.

Developer track: – it includes CSD, etc.

These are generally valid for a period of two years, at the end of which the individual is expected to deposit the renewal fees or take the test again.

But recently, the terms of renewal for these certificates were modified. As per the modifications, certificates issued on or after Feb 4th, 2019, will be valid only if coupled with earning of the required number of SEUs along with the renewal money.

What are SEUs?

SEU is the acronym for Scrum Educational Units. These can be gained under the below six categories:-

Category A: Scrum Alliance Scrum Gatherings

Category B: Scrum Alliance Courses or Coaching

Category C: Outside Events

Category D: Volunteer Service

Category E: Independent Learning

Category F: Other Collaborative Learning

A study done by a committee revealed that the importance of the certificate depends on the continuous hard work on the part of the candidate. The relevance of the certificate is maintained only via updated info from journals, research papers, self-study, volunteering, etc. Thus, Scrum Alliances has made it a note to give that thrust to the certified personals for making them updated.

Thus the Scrum Educational Units were made compulsory for the renewal of certificates with effect from Feb 4th, 2019.

The number of SEUs required for the renewal of certificates of different levels is as follows:-

Foundation level: – 20

Advanced level: – 30

Professional level: – 40

How to gain SEUs?

As mentioned before, SEUs include self-study, volunteering, etc., related to the application of Agile concepts to project management.

A training course, working on agile projects, reading a book all count towards the SEUs. The easy way to get your SEUs counted towards your certificate renewal is to log in to your Scrum account and follow the steps mentioned.

In case your SEU is not updated, please be patient. Still, if it is not updated, kindly check the categories or activities that are unavailable as an SEU.

What help will the renewal of my certificate provide?

  • Renewing your certificates saves you from losing them.
  • It will also help you apply for certificates above it in a hierarchy that mostly might require you to possess the certificate as a prerequisite.
  • It keeps your knowledge updated and whet stoned by Sprintzeal.


Why Scrum Master?

  • Scrum master allows you to achieve a certificate on the basis of your agile knowledge and experience.
  • Needless to say, it improves the job facilities open to you.
  • It also improves the chances of your getting selected in interviews.
  • A higher salary than was earlier being provided.
  • Recognition from authorities.



How to avail of a Scrum certificate?

  • Get in touch with Agile techniques like Kanban, etc.
  • Be thorough with the syllabus of the scrum.
  • Get the help of a book as well as online or offline mode of training courses from credible and reliable sources.
  • Get through mock tests once you are done with the course.
  • Try solving more application-based sample questions.
  • Practice proper time management.
  • Avail of the application form and fill it true to your knowledge with the deposit money and proof of required qualification.
  • Take the test.
  • Avail of the certificate.
  • Start earning the SEUs.
  • Look for better posts in the same company or in other companies.
  • Keep in touch with agile principles and gaining SEUs.
  • Renew your certificate.


Scrum Alliances Certifications are the best type of certifications as they are not tailored to fit any standardized size but come in a one size fits all package. The principles of agile can well be employed in daily life to make it simpler, effective, and cost-efficient. Besides, many companies prefer hiring certified and trained professionals for the tasks and projects regardless of the purposes of their end results. Stay renewed!!


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